STEM Field Trips @ Gravity Extreme Zone

The Advanced STEM field trip is a special program with customized curriculum designed for students to learn from the attractions at Gravity Extreme Zone park! Students can’t wait to learn physics, math, engineering, and biology in the context of exciting activities like bungee jumping, trampolines, zip lines, and rock walls. Students will learn about the […]

Junior Super Hero Training

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to run like the Flash? Or throw a shield like Captain America? Then this camp is for you! Students will be introduced to basic physical skills, like running, throwing, and catching, all in the spirit of our favorite Super Heroes! We will play games and move around, just […]

My First Coding: Minecraft Mods Camp

It’s never too early to start coding! Our 7-9 year old advanced juniors can start creating their own mods using Java programming. In My 1st Coding: Minecraft Mods camp, you will learn how to make your own items, armor, blocks, and mobs (animals and enemies) using computer engineering techniques.  Learn to code with Minecraft and […]

Rock-it Night Out

Find yourself wondering about astrological explorations and rocketships? Join us for a trip to the stars. It will be a blast! Rock the night away with bottle rocket experiments, stargazing with a high powered telescope, learning about constellations and interesting facts about our solar system. Creating our very own laser show is both educational and […]

Cyber Night Out

Let’s connect by networking our computers together tonight! Learn computer protocols and how computers exchange information when sending a message. Learn to speak like a computer; calculate and communicate in binary. Open up a computer to see the guts! Learn what all those inside parts do. In addition, we will also have Minecraft and Robotics […]

Techno Night Out

Don’t say no to Techno Night! This will be a night of various technological explorations! Students will learn about amazing technologies incorporated by Boeing in helicopters, solar cars, and hybrid cars. Morse Code and Cryptography (Secret Code) will be an unforgettable challenge. Be the first to break the code! In addition, we will also have […]


Minecraft is an award-winning computer game that allows students to let their imaginations run wild within a 3D block world. They’ll craft tools, build huge structures, and engineer working contraptions all from the materials found in this virtual world. Students will work in teams to make the city of their imagination, complete with farms, working […]

Coding Minecraft Mods

You can get kids to do a lot if you promise them Minecraft… just ask parents who’ve watched their children race through chores to get some building time. And Microsoft knows this, too. It just released a tutorial for that uses Coding Minecraft Mods to teach the basics of computer programming. Instead of pointing and clicking to […]

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