FAQ – All Around Learning Center

How do I know that my child needs tutoring? There are several important ways children benefit from tutoring. 1. Parents request tutoring when a child’s grade begins to fall below their norm. Also, it could have been recommended by the student’s teacher or a school counselor. Or, there is a possibility that the curriculum is at a level that neither the student nor the parent is able to solve the problems with confidence. Tutoring puts both the parent’s and teacher’s minds at ease that the child is not being left behind. Any anger and frustration the student feels is passed to the tutor, so life is calmer at home and in the classroom. 2. Math, as with reading, impacts the student’s self-esteem. So, if a student receives a little extra help through a tutoring center, and the child sees the parents placing math as a priority, the result is often multifaceted. There is improved math understanding, improved self-esteem, improved relationships with both teachers and parents, and parents have peace of mind knowing their child is receiving the best instruction. The result is success, where failure might have been the case.

3. Your child may have an interest in math that is not being satisfied by the curriculum, so tutoring can provide the extra encouragement for your child to excel. Remember, gifts often show themselves first as an interest. There are opportunities and scholarships available for academic achievement in math and science, just as there are scholarships for athletic achievement.

Do you offer testing to see where my child needs help? Yes, we offer a diagnostic testing,G-MADE Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation for students who need to know where they fall academically and do not desire tutoring. We also offer the same diagnostic testing for students who need their skills evaluated before tutoring. The test results will show where the student’s abilities lie, and point out strengths and weaknesses. It also helps us develop an individualized program for the student prior to the first tutoring session.
When can I expect to see improvement? The teacher may be the first one to notice improvements. If there has been a pattern of speaking of math with a frown, the parent and teacher may notice a new attitude soon after starting tutoring. The teacher may be the first to notice that your student is having greater success, and willing to try to solve the problem, instead of giving up so soon. You, the parent, may notice a similar trend. Younger children, often grow confidence quicker and larger, so parents and teachers may notice the child eagerly volunteering observations and answering questions, which will be a new attitude and behavior. At All Around Math, tutors are able to speak briefly to the parent following each tutoring session, report on the student’s improvements, and how you can be of help. The tutor may be able to see improvement before the parent or teachers do. The parent is encouraged to ask questions about the process of learning math, and any testing available, which would accurately assess your student’s level of achievement. Many times we experience parents bring their students to us for tutoring when the student is facing a test. Tutoring may bring results as soon as a single day, or improvement on the next test. That would be the improved performance on a single test, not a long-term improvement of the student’s understandings of math. All Around Math Learning Center offers a student achievement guarantee: The progress of each student is the foremost concern of the staff. Lessons for each student are customized and planned under careful supervision. All Around Math Learning Center offers diagnostic testing from elementary-high school students. Students who take our diagnostic test are retested after every 40 hours of instruction to monitor achievement. The methods we use have very strong track records for improving students’ math abilities; however, every student is different and there are many factors affecting a student’s education. The All Around Math Learning Center is so confident that the student’s test scores will improve by at least a grade level by the end of his or her 40 hour period, that we offer five free lessons if the one grade level improvement was not achieved. (It has not happened yet)

Adult students will notice improvement in the amount of time it takes to solve problems. There may be a change in attitude toward working on math problems. There may be less time needed to complete problems. The real success is in achievement, whether it be an All Around Math progress test, or the next important exam.

What courses do you teach? All Around Math was formed to help those who need assistance in either learning math or have a need for math in practice. We cover all math topics from pre-K to college courses, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, business math, linear algebra, differential equations, statistics etc. Math is our primary focus, however, our tutoring styles and approaches have been proven to benefit students in other subjects. To that end, we have included the following additional subjects in our tutoring list: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Studies. Please inquire about additional subject tutoring by calling our office (480) 833-7338.
How much time commitment does tutoring require? The time required to see improvement varies by the student and the level of instruction needed. We find the best results are when a student has between two to three hours of tutoring each week. More time can often be arranged, if there is an upcoming test, or if there is simple a need for more time. We also have students who only need a little assistance with homework or occasionally a study guide before a test. Those students find our flexible Drop-in Homework help very beneficial.
How is All Around Math Learning Center different from other learning centers? Unlike other tutoring centers we offer a one-week trial period before signing up for one-on-one tutoring. Along with our trial period, we do not require you to sign a lengthy contract. All we ask is that you give us two weeks notice before your final session. We offer discounted group tutoring sessions and scholarships for those families in need. We also offer Drop-in Homework help for all ages. The Drop-in Homework help is flexible, convenient and inexpensive. Students come for help when there is a need. Our clubs and camps are also unique, providing a challenging and fun enrichment for all participants. For further information visit Why Us
How do I get started? The first step is to make a call to our office for an appointment at (480) 833-7338. Our director is very involved with day-to-day activities, and may be the one who answers the telephone, or you may talk to our secretary or our assistant director.
What are my payment options? For One-on-One Tutoring you have three payment options to choose from: 40 hours pre-pay, monthly payments or bi-monthly payments. Pre-pay 40 Hours: Tuition is due on the first day of the first lesson for 40 hours, and you will receive a 5{7c0ef4caee30936c62d183f2b58d331148a7260406723c7fa6fd354d610f67f7} discount on your bill. Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition is due the 5th of the month for that month’s services. You will receive a 3{7c0ef4caee30936c62d183f2b58d331148a7260406723c7fa6fd354d610f67f7} discount on your bill if your payment is received by the 5th of the month. Bi-Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition is broken into two monthly payments and is due on the 5th and 20th of the month. For the Drop-in Homework Help payment is required at time of service, students pay daily when they come.

For club and camp payments please visit Clubs and Summer Camps for specific payment options.

Do you offer any specials, discounts, or scholarships? Yes, we have discounted group tutoring for two to four students. Also, we offer Drop-in after school Homework Help Sessions at our learning center to help students with the everyday homework at a very affordable rate. Families who enroll more then one student at All Around Math Learning Center get a 5{7c0ef4caee30936c62d183f2b58d331148a7260406723c7fa6fd354d610f67f7} discount for second child, and a 10{7c0ef4caee30936c62d183f2b58d331148a7260406723c7fa6fd354d610f67f7} discount for third child. We offer scholarships for qualified students. The available scholarships change from time to time. To inquire about our current scholarship program please call us at (480) 833-7338.Students enrolled in One-on-One Tutoring qualified for a special discounted rate in Drop-in Homework Help. Please call us at (480)833-7338 to learn more about our special offers.
What certification, training, and experience do your tutors have? All Around Math tutors come from all walks of mathematics life. Some are math teachers in the grades, high schools and local colleges, while others are upper division students working on their bachelor’s, master’s or PhD Degrees, all involving advanced proficiency in mathematics. Because all of our staff is closely associated with the local school system, from pre-K to post graduate studies, we can meet your math needs as tutors and as practitioners. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is going on in the world of mathematics, and on the Arizona Department of Education Curriculum Standards.ALL Around Math tutors go through a review process. Our hiring process begins with review of the person’s resume. Based on their resume, the person is contacted, and if the applicant meets the current needs of All Around Math, then there is a personal interview with the director. During that interview the candidate is tested for both math knowledge and math teaching skills. We require finger printing, and check the person’s credentials to the best of our ability. If all is in order, then the new tutor participates in a training program, which introduces the All Around Math objectives and methods. The tutor and director choose the areas best suiting the tutor. Periodic testing is given in the tutor’s area of proficiency, and ongoing education in math is agreed upon for the next year. There are in-house math and teaching methods workshops provided regularly. There are opportunities for tutors to attend outside math conferences. After the new tutor probation period, there is a review before moving to permanent status. Assessment of each tutor’s work is done by the director, including a review of parent/student feedback. Tutors in permanent status are also evaluated regularly.
Do you do background checks on your tutors? Yes. We require finger printing, and check the person’s credentials to the best of our ability.
What happens if I don’t like the tutor? All Around Math understands that the relationship between the student and the tutor is crucial for success. We have a clear understanding of our tutor’s strengths and styles and try to match the student with the tutor to the best of our ability. If the pairing is not working, then we will re-evaluate and make a change to benefit the student. The student is the most important to benefit.
If my child has a learning disability can you help? Children with learning disabilities may suffer from lack of confidence and self-esteem, as well as lack of focus. They often have poor organization skills and become easily distracted.All Around Math one-on-one evaluation and tutoring is the first step in evaluating your child’s needs, rather than assuming we know your child. Our tutors are trained to catch the early signs of frustration and redirect the situation to achieve continued focus and success. We speak briefly with parents following each tutoring session at the parent’s pleasure, and we offer regular parent-tutor-director meetings. Our multi-sensory method combined with our individualized curriculum is tailored to the special needs of our students. For further information please visit our services.
Can you help with test anxiety? Yes. We have special techniques that help students reduce both math and test anxiety. In many cases our students had completely overcome the anxiety problem by the end of our sessions.
My child is gifted. Does All Around Math Learning Center offer services for the gifted? Yes. We have had years of experience assisting gifted students achieve their goals. Our youngest students were three years olds, and they were gifted in math. Our tutor was carefully selected to meet the emotional, and creative needs to nurture such young gifted children. We currently have a student preparing for the John Hopkins Gifted Summer Program, and he is eight years old. We are currently assisting a thirteen year old who is gifted, but not in math. She is completing her sophomore college year and needs to complete her math requirements to graduate. Besides the one-one-one tutoring that is customized to each and every gifted student, we also recommend our after school clubs and summer gifted camps. For further information please visit our services
Do you offer programs for students that would like to get ahead in their classes? Yes. We often have students who want to get ahead in their classes and need some assistance in math to achieve their goals. We also have gifted students who are not gifted in math, who wish to graduate from high school or college at a young age. We will not let math stand in their way. There are students of all ages who find an interest in math, and we enjoy improving their skills and understanding.
Do you offer tutoring for adults? Yes. We often have adult students who are returning to college and need help remembering required math, or need math for their admission to college, or a special college program. Our tutors are glad to do a step-by-step review of any math concept. Adults find our private rooms, extended hours and excellent tutors suitable and convenient for adult math learning. We often work with students who are reentering or practicing for a successful GED test. For further information please visit our services
If I want to be an AAMLC tutor, how should I apply? Thank you for considering All Around Math for your future employment. First, please e-mail a current copy of your resume to info@allaroundmath.com. If you prefer to use ground mail, please use the following address: 7571 S. Willow Dr. Suite 103 Tempe Arizona, 85283. When we receive your resume, we will review your qualifications and contact you by e-mail, ground mail, or telephone, to let you know we have received your resume. If we have an opening and if your qualifications meet the current needs of All Around Math, then we will contact you to arrange an interview appointment with our director.
I like your program. How can I volunteer? We welcome volunteers. Please call us at (480) 833-7338 to discuss volunteer opportunities.