How does the All Around Learning Center compare to other tutoring centers?

All Around Learning Center Other Tutoring Centers
Subject area/Age All levels of math, reading, writing, and sciences for K-12 and all undergraduate college courses. We also offer individualized math tutoring for adults of all ages. Usually only grades 1-12.
Contract No contract is needed for the Drop-in Tutoring. A short contract is required for the One-on-One Tutoring, which can be cancelled by a two-week notice any time. Most learning centers require a 6-12 months contract.
Trial Period Our students may pay for a one-week trial period before signing the contract for the One-on-One Tutoring. This is a perfect way to get an introduction to our teaching methods, and to see how our One-on-One customized tutoring program fits the individual’s needs. Students in the Drop-in Tutoring Program pay as they attend, therefore no trial period is needed. In general they do not offer a free trial period. Drop-in Tutoring support is not available in other centers.
Learning Styles We accommodate all learning styles by emphasizing hands-on manipulative and visual methods, besides the written and verbal techniques. Other learning centers mostly use written methods (worksheets) or computer programs.
Room Setup Our One-on-One Tutoring is conducted in individual rooms, providing a very quite study environment and allowing the students to completely focus on the subject. Our Drop-in Tutoring is in a small room holding no more than 6 students at a time. Usually, one big room is shared by many students, often not suitable for students with attention problems and students with math anxiety.
Communication with the students’ school Parents often request that we communicate with the student’s school teacher. We have regular e-mail contact with many teachers, and we often accompany parents to parent-teacher meetings. Rarely
Learning Disabilities We use multi-sensory techniques in a one-on-one setting in a quiet room to meet all our students’ special needs. We also have special education teachers on our staff. Most learning centers use one big room for all their tutoring needs. The big room setting is not practical for students who are distracted easily.
Gifted and talented students We work with gifted students both in the one-one-one tutoring setting and in our clubs and camps. We also work with teachers and doctors specializing in gifted education. Not specially geared for the gifted.
Home School We assist home school students with all their math and science needs in a one-on-one setting. Our morning hours support home school students. Not many centers are open in the early mornings. The customized hands-on curriculum in a single room setting is hard to find.
Enrichment Programs We offer enrichment programs all year round.After School Clubs: Math-Science Club, Robotics Club and Chess Club.Summer Camps: Computer Game Design, Eager Engineers Construction Camp, Great Games for Growing Minds, Junior Get Ready to Read, Junior Math Science Adventure Camp, Math and Science Everywhere, Real-Life Math for Struggling Mathematicians, Real-Life Reading for Struggling Readers, Read and Explore the Week Away, Website Design, Young Entrepreneurs, Robotics Adventure Camp and Back-to-School Review Camp. Gifted Programs: Gifted Clubs and Camps. Our clubs and camp are very effective because of our low, 6:1 student-teacher ratio. We have not seen clubs and camp offered by other learning centers with a 6:1 or smaller student-teacher ratio.